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For many of our clients, time is of the essence. They’ve been arrested, raided, or their permits have been withheld. They are deciding to appeal or they have a conflict that needs a solution. At the Gainesville, Florida, law offices of Gary S. Edinger, P.A. we work efficiently to take immediate action. When you call us at (352) 338-4440, we respond right away.

With over 20 years of experience, we use our specialized knowledge and skill gained to advocate forcefully for you in the areas of your First Amendment (free speech) rights, civil litigation, civil appeals, corporations and businesses, and land use and zoning.


A Reputation for Effective, First Amendment Advocacy

Whether you operate an adult entertainment establishment, face government opposition to your parade or demonstration, or face censorship in any from, you need the services of an experienced First Amendment litigator. We know our way to the Federal Courthouse and we know what to do when we get there.

Our lead attorney, Gary Edinger, is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA), a group of prominent attorneys responsible for litigating many important free-speech cases. He is also active on the legal panel for the North Florida Chapter of the Florida ACLU. Our firm has in-depth knowledge of free-speech issues. We can answer your questions and help you act as quickly as possible to preserve your rights.

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